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    3 essentials for every working freelancer

    27th July 2016

    Grab your laptop, your wallet and find the nearest caffeine adjacent flat surface. You might think that’s all you need as a self employed freelancer to get started, but making your business mobile a…

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    How working remotely will make you happier

    20th July 2016

    Working remotely, whether as a necessity as freelancer or a modern allowance in your office, will make your happier. Or rather, what was reported by TinyPulse, when asked to rate their happiness on …

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    How to deal with conflict in the workplace

    12th July 2016

    Sometimes conflict in the office is unavoidable. 4 in 10 U.K. employees reported that they experienced some kind of interpersonal conflict at work in 2014. And if not handled properly, conflict at…

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