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    What will tomorrow’s office look like?

    17th August 2016

    Whether it’s new technology or the rise of virtual offices, one thing’s for certain; our places of work are changing rapidly around us. With London’s commercial rents rising 70% in five years, and …

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    Think your office is too small? New York's Pod Offices have you beat

    10th August 2016

    You can never, EVER, complain your office is too small again. You have NYC-based Bar Works to thank for that, the company have transformed the old Red Phone Booth for remote workers. ‘Pod’ offices…

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    Is your dress code damaging your business?

    3rd August 2016

    If you want to know just how damaging a business's dress code can be, then look no further than PwC. Their strict dress code resulted in a scandal which led to a wealth of unwanted media attention a…

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